Is Galaxy A5 2017 "SM-A520FZKADBT" supported?


I am interested to buy a refurbished Galaxy A5 2017 (“a5y17lte”) from a website, and the website indicates that the precise reference is “SM-A520FZKADBT”.

And the /e/ documentation indicates that only the supported ref are :

  • SM-A520F
  • SM-A520F/DS
  • SM-A520K
  • SM-A520L
  • SM-A520S
  • SM-A520W

So can I expect the ref “SM-A520FZKADBT” to be supported, because the “SM-A520F” is already supported ?


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I have not found a match for you to confirm, but I would expect the quoted number to be the model number + pda + csc … or so.

If you find the match on this list you should know where you stand. Ideally you would buy a device which you knew for certain that you could find the stock ROM (for instance from this would provide a sort of double check on

the /e/ documentation indicates that only the supported ref

The worry would be if the “code” actually specifies a carrier lock.

Thanks for your precise feedback !
The website indicates that there is no carrier lock.

I’ll take time to check all that informations. I’m not in hurry to buy a new phone :slight_smile:

I can confirm

SM : Samsung Mobile
A : middle-class series ,
5 : commercial model name
20 : version (here 2017)
F : international hardware variant
ZKA : color, storage size, (and perhaps one more information)
DBT : germany free of carrier software variant

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Thanks a lot Piero !
Merci beaucoup :slight_smile:

Just have to wait a good price.