Is it finished for the One plus 2?

I can’t find any update on the Oneplus 2, I wasn’t using it recently even if I put e/os on it a long time ago. Now I want to use it seems it’s no longer supported. Is it finished ? Can I find a trusted build for a degoogled OS elsewhere otherwise ? Thank you

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Hi @Alyas welcome to the /e/ forum.

I found this OnePlus 2 returns from the dead, gets Android 13 via unofficial LineageOS 20. So not all bad news!

However officially for /e/OS the device counts as “Legacy”, that is no longer supported, but pages and old ROMs to e-1.17-q-2023-11-10 still exist.

Thank you. So I was wondering how much unofficial lineage OS can be trusted ? I read pros and cons

Also I already run this build of e/os on the phone (not my actual phone i’m using). Is it safe to use for everyday if it’s no longer updated for security ?

Thank you again

Android security patches stopped for Android 10 (Q) ~ February 2023, and Android 11 (R) ~ February 2024.

So those builds are officially end of life.

It is what it is … /e/OS of course adds microG, Advanced Privacy and a selection of “safe” apps.

LineageOS with no Gapps is probably worth testing. Many would say it works for in daily use – but limited at a level well below the full networking ability of Google / Android (a good thing, imho). Of course it would depend on what one wanted in everyday use!

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Ok thanks for your answers, It’s a pity we can’t maintain working the oldest devices like this one which is honestly far enough for my uses ( and most people). But without security patches I’m not sure I can use it anymore. Mayble alternate OS
I don’t think lineage is what I’m seeking.