Is it normal for "System" to take up 5.4 GB?

“System includes files used to run Android version 8.1.0”

5.4 GB seems excessive.

Did I perhaps image/sideload /e/ improperly, but still get it to work?

Is there any way I can check how the usage is so high and maybe address it by deleting something?

Thank you.

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Update: I have usage down to 4.8 GB after deleting a system update file that was preciously applied.


  • what device are you talking about?
  • which /e/ OS build have you installed?

How much internal storage does your device have: 8, 16, 32 GB or more?

Hi @archie,

The device is a LG Nexus 5X with 16 GB internal storage.

Build is: lineage_bullhead-userdebug 8.1.0 OPM7.181205.001 e7e50b2c9d dev-keys

Thank you

I have two different /e/ phones with 16 GB internal shared memory.

LG - e-0.7-p (9-pie) : 4.70 GB used of 16 GB
Samsung S5 e-0.7-p (9-pie): 5.29 GB used of 16 GB

Bons Jours,
Sur mon s4mini /e/ unofficial Android 9 pie.
0 applications
2,7 Go utilisés sur 8 Go
Maybe Android 8 oreo was a “gaz factory”

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That doesn’t answer my question @archie, but thanks for your android 9 details.

Then I guess I didn’t quite understand your question. It would be nice if the question could still be resolved.

I guess I don’t quite understand what you don’t understand. Perhaps you could elaborate?

I asked if there’s a way of finding out if System is taking up more space than it should, possibly from imaging /e/ incorrectly, but still getting it to work.

Yes, then I understood your question correctly. And my answer refers to two 16 GB devices with different occupied and free memory. That was my information for you. The GB information should enable you to compare.

Case closed. Your answer cleared it up without so much as a followup need.