Is it normal that customer support doesnt answer to e-mails?

one day my Fairphone3+ completely stoped working. I contacted the e-phone support about this. Sadly the first answer went into my spam folder and after I realised that after a couple of days they didn’t respond until I opened a new support ticket. After they asked me for my address etc. for making the shipping label and I sent my phone in for repairs under warranty. They have my phone now for 3 weeks and do not react to my attempts at contacting them asking when I will be getting my phone back. Overall I am now without a working phone since nearly 6 weeks and I am getting annoyed.
Did any of you experience the same? What was your solution?

This is definitely not the support response you should have received. Pl can you share the details of the ticket you had raised with the helpdesk.

thank you for your quick reply. In the meantime I got a satisfactory reply. If it was because of you or the threat of legal actions i don’t know. Anyway thank you very much.

Support always anserwed my questions,if not fast,then a bit slower,but always got a solution.Thanks /e/team.

Support always anserwed my questions fast on time and I always got a solution.Thanks /e/team.

Hello @Sleepi,

I’m the one who was responsible for your ticket and failed to keep track of it, I apologize for the waiting time. I confirm that 99 % of the time an answer is given within a few days maximum.

Hopefully each failure helps us to move forward and improve the support quality by understanding how it happened.

Have a nice week-end and thank you for your understanding!


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