Is it possible to add the choice "fingerprint" to the "Settings/Security/Screen lock screen"?

Hello, I installed /e/os on a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017, and everything works fine.
Except this lack :
No choice “fingerprint” to the “Settings/Security/Screen lock screen”
Can you help me ?
Device name: SM-A520F
Android version: 11
Version number: e_a5y17lte-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.202401.10.193906 dev-keys

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In Settings > Security just below Screen lock screen is the fingerprint setting.

(At least it is on a FP4 with Android 12)

Thanks for your response, but that doesn’t answer my question! My question is about choosing the screen lock method. See attached screenshot. The “fingerprint” choice does not appear!

I don’t think it is possible. Fnger[pring cannot be your main screen unlock method.

You need a screen unlock method (that isn’t fingerprint), that is used when you power on the device, or when fingerprint isn’t recognised. So you must choose one of ‘Swipe’, ‘Pattern’, ‘PIN’ or ‘Password’.