Is it possible to change the font style?

I was looking on the net how to change Emoji style in Android, and I found some how-to pointing out an option in Display / Font Style.
But this option is not present in /e/ 0.6 (I only have Font Size). I’m a bit surprised this was not included in the basic rom, it seems to me something very basic and not related to the ungoogling.

Is it planned for the future ? or do I look at the wrong place ?

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?? I think you are talking about he smilies/emojies in keyboard. Have you had a look in AnySoftKeyboard setup ??

Hello, thanks for your reply !
No, I’m talking about how the smilies would be printed on the screen, either in the keyboard or in the texts.

The keyboard allow to add an emoji, which is a unicode character. ASK setup can choose which unicode characters are availables (by choosing panels)

But it is the system that will take this unicode character and display it as a little picture. The same way you can write text and choose as a font Times or Arial, you would be able to choose the picture related to each smiley.

Like this “:slightly_smiling_face:” from the forum is displayed as this in my /e/ but both are the emoji “slightly_smiling_face”.

I’d like to setup the ones from joypixel for example

OK, hope you will find a solution. I’m not a ‘emoji guy’ so I don’ have enough knowledge about it. Good luck

Ok, thanks.
I let a link were it is explained how to do it in some specific manufacturer Android version, maybe it can helps

One question to let it be a little clearer for me: That what you want is only seeing on your device, or ? The emoji are shown on every device different, or not ??
So you are only looking for a cosmetics for your device ?

So why using a different launcher where you can change to complete layout ?? It’s also described in your link.

for me it is “just” cosmetic… but I think that cosmetic can be a problem for a large adoption of /e/ if we want our dads and grandmas to use it :slight_smile:
when you write a text message and put emoji inside, you just send :slight_smile: in the message in real
it is the device that interpret that and display the image
and currently, the one displayed on my /e/ are the one from Android nougat, and I find them ugly :wink:

you mean why not using a different launcher ?
it is because I’m completely new to android, and I don’t know how to change that, neither if it will break my /e/ or not. I want to stay as close as fresh install as possible. But if it is easy to do, I can try, yes !

a launcher is an app and can be installed like each other. You won’t brick anything. And the best is on Android: If you install a new launcher and pressing the ‘Home’ button the system will ask you which launcher you wish to use as long as you decide to use it every time. :slight_smile: That’s the same as you have different web browser installed and try to open a link. The system is also asking you which browser should be used.
That means, you can test the new launcher and when it is bad, you can any time go back to the last one and remove the new one.
Try it. But kkep in mind, that a lot of laucher from aurora/yalp are full of commercial and noone knows how secure they are. So better use one from f-droid like librechair. Search on f-droid fro ‘laucher’ and and you will find alot :smiley:


If you have your device rooted with magisk and installed actual magisk manager have look in 'downloads ’ in magisk manager. There you will find a lit of emoij and font changer


That’s very handy, thanks a lot !
But maybe this is something that could be integrated natively for the v1 ?

No, that’s very special and nothing fir mums and dads and grandma and grandpa