Is it possible to know why a certain app haven't yet been added to the App Store?


I would like to know if it is possible somehow the see the status of those applications that are still pending for addition to the e-Store. What I am interested in is to know if there are any issues that might prevent the application from being added to the store. For example, I read in another topic that bank applications could have issues. Also, I suppose that certain paid applications that depend on the Google Play store would also be difficult to add.

If there was a way to see the reasons for an app not being added, it would be possible to contact the provider and see if they can offer a solution.

Maybe you have already something in the pipeline. If so, I will just wait patiently. This is not an urgent issue at all. I just thought it would be nice to be able to contact those providers of the apps I use and let them know both of my intentions and of the e system itself.

Thank you very much for all your hard work. Looking very much forward to the stable release.


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Hi @Mgns sorry for the delay in the response.
At present there is no mechanism to display the reason why an app has not been added or by when it will be added to the AppStore. The default time period is 2-3 days for the update to happen. Paid apps even if added may not work correctly through MicroG.
We would like to make the AppStore better based on all the user suggestions we receive from the users. One of the feature included recently was to allow users to submit the apk they wanted in the APpStore directly in the App… Settings> Request an App

Hi @Manoj,

No problem at all, just glad that you took your time to answer my question. Thank you for explaining the current situation and thanks for the hint about the Request an App from within the app.

I look forward to see how the system improves with the time.

Thanks again!


I think that work on banking apps must have a priority very high at this moment.
I suggested my bank app (one of the bigger bank in my country) since one month, but nothing happened…

Without a funcioning banking app, I think that many people can have serious problems to change OS…

Most of all, they use notification for the daily use of their financial product, I.e. MasterCard product MasterPass…

Actually I can’t use none of my card!
My bank app is present only on google app store

Thanks for your attention


Hey everyone!

What’s the status about this ?
As @Panta says I’m pretty sure that without bank applications, there is a big risk that /e/ will encounter the same concerns as Windows Phone :frowning_face:

Unfortunately there has been not much progress on integrating Banking Apps or most payment apps.We have developers working on resolving this but there are no ETA’s for now.

I’ve been wondering about the Lastpass app. It was in the /e/ store at the very beginning of the store, but was removed and never came back. I think it is widely used.

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