Is it possible to re-lock the bootloader after installation of /e/?


is it possible to re-lock the bootloader after installation of /e/ ?
On My pocophone F1, I only have on icon at boot that indicate, it’s unlocked.
But on a Oneplus3T, the message is a kind of boot menu…

What is the consequence of re-locking a phone ?
Boot ? Recovery ? OTA Updates ?


As far as I know, this is only possible on FairPhones.

I think in your case, relocking would format the phone or require that you format it.

Probably also would require OEM ROM.

On the Fairphone 3/3+, to be precise.
The Fairphone 2 comes with an unlocked bootloader which can’t be locked.

That’s the case on the Fairphone 3/3+, too.
Unlocking as well as locking the bootloader will force a factory reset for security reasons. For a new install with a wiped data partition this would be of no consequence to any user data, but it might be troublesome later on, so if the device supports relocking when running /e/, it’s better to make up one’s mind about this at the time of a new install.

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I missed to lock the bootloader after an installation of /e/ on a fairphone 4.
Does a locking of the bootloader still leads to a factory reset?
Am I right that a factorx reset means a “fresh” /e/ installation so all user data are wiped an a new user has to be created?
Is there an easy as possible solution to backup the existing user and restore it to the “fresh” user account which has been created after locking the bootloader, respectivly to the reset phone before creating an new user account?
Thanks in advance