Is it possible to relock bootloader on Pixel6a after installing /e/?

Hi all,
I installed /e/ on my Pixel6a some months ago.
I noticed during a reboot that my bootloader was not relocked.
Is it possible/recommended to relock it? Is there any loss of data?

Thank you !

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone only has steps to unlock the bootloader, not to relock it, so definitely not recommended.

Unlocking as well as locking the bootloader will force a factory reset for security reasons, wiping user data.


I doubt that relocking wipes the data–BUT I AM NOT SURE!

That said, there is some good write up on reddit on why one might not want to relock the bootloader:

It does factory reset for example on the Fairphone 3 :wink:

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Oh well. How …
I can’t even imagine the rationale behind it.

Good to know! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Just try it out and try to lock the bootloader again with /e/OS. Then you will know the result in practice, because this will disprove your theory and your uncertainty will have disappeared.

There are at least three Android distributions whose custom ROMs and avb custom key can be used to securely close the bootloader on the Pixel 6a. No personal data is lost during the initial installation, as none has yet been stored. When the bootloader is subsequently locked, the personal data is lost forever, as a factory reset is performed to verify the lock.


Android documentation just links locking the bootloader and resetting the device without saying why …

My rationale would be simple logic:
An unlocked bootloader represents a more unsecure state of the device than a locked bootloader.
With relocking the bootloader you go from a more unsecure state to a more secure state.
You don’t want to have any leftovers from the more unsecure state after this, if you can avoid it, else the increased security with a locked bootloader could be easily compromised.


Did you get any further with this query? I have a pixel 6 and will also like to lock my bootloader but am worried doing so will brick my phone.

Pixel 5 installation instructions inform of relocating bootloader so that suggests the OS supports it in theory. Not sure about the Pixel 6 series.

Dear all,

sorry for my silence, I’ve been overbooked those days…

Thank you for your answers.
I decided not to relock the boot loader, since I don’t have time and resources to take the risk.
Of course it is a weakness if my phone is stolen…

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