Is it possible to relock the bootloader of my GS290 running /e/

Hi /e/ team,

I have been using /e/ on my gs290 for a few months now and am very satisfied with this great software. However I found out that my bootloader is unlocked, this is causing me some privacy concerns.

Can someone explain to me in simple language what the possible adverse effects of this could be and if there is a possibility to relock the bootloader?

Thanks in advance!

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It’s obvious the phone was unlocked, otherwise /e/OS couldn’t be installed.

As far as I understand it there are no privacy concerns with unlocked boot loader but there may be security concerns. However, someone would have to physically be in possession of your device to do anything malicious though, especially if you’re not rooted.

But I’ll leave it up to those more knowledgeable to weigh in on the security angle.

It would be good to hear a definitive answer to this question, I will just offer this