Is it possible to remove certain pre-installed apps (e.g. app store)?


I really like the concept of a privacy friendly OS for everyone! Therefore I am trying out /e/ now and have a few questions.

One of them is: Can I somehow uninstall the App store or at least deactivate it? The reason for my question is, that a rather well known German IT-Site ( wrote that the App store is based on and I feel uncomfortable using this is a source (the IT-site also rated this rather insecure). I would rather only use the aurora store or F-Droid.

Also, can I somehow hide the browser app from the main screen as I am using a different browser?

Thanks for your help!

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pls search the forum for this topic. There are several post regarding ‘remove of default apps’

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You can hide every app with a different launcher. with Bliss launcher you can’t hide anything. I’m using TotalLaucher from Aurora and with it you can modify what ever you want


Thanks for the answer, that helps! I searched in the forum but just for “remove App Store”, I guess I should have thought about “default apps”.