Is it possible to use /e/OS without wallpaper?

Hi !

I have two phones, one is running Android 10, the new one is running Android 12.
Now I’m facing the weird situation that I can’t switch-off the wallpaper on the new Android 12 phone. I’m only able to choose from a couple of standard system wallpapers. But I don’t like wallpapers, I would prefer to have a plain black bakground.
No problem with Android 10.
Any ideas? I have searched the settings and the community pages but to no avail.

/e/OS version: 1.11-s-20230512288805-dev-lemonadep on a OnePlus9pro

Thanks for your help!

Simply Solid can do that for you (even if the App is no longer maintained, I still use it myself on Android 12) …

To dodge the issue I’ve installed ‘Pitch Black Wallpaper’ from the shop.
That worked for the moment. But I would still be happy about further suggestions that offer me more possibilities.

@AnotherElk: Thanks for your proposal! :slight_smile:
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I do not know the limitation of Android 12 in this respect – will it not allow one to select a plain black (zero light) photo as wallpaper ?

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This might kind of work for a black background, but what about other colours? The point is that base Android (I guess) somewhen scrapped the possibility to simply choose a background colour instead of a picture.

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… other colours are available with a screenshot from

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Yes, I guess that’s basically what the workaround Apps do, generating a mono-coloured picture and setting it as the background picture.
(Simply Solid can export it, too, but exporting is not needed for setting it as the background.)

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