Is my understanding correct about /e/ DEVICE?

Hello everyone,

Please forgive me if this has been asked/answered in some way before. I have been researching and researching for hours and hours over several days now and I am sooooooo overwhelmed it’s honestly physically unsettling lol. ANyways to my point!

If I was to purchase an /e/ smartphone device, it would automatically come with /e/OS correct? And from there, would I then be able to basically change it into a number of different de-google’d AOSP OS’s instead? If so, is there a list of supported OS’s that I could use instead of /e/OS?

The [potentially unnecessary] backstory:
Right now I have a BlackBerry KEYone and I would like to de-google it. Not going to happen the way it is right now basically lol. So I am looking for a device that I can get that has a wide range of what’s possible to use in terms of OS options. I only need to be able to use a few different apps (normally available from google play) that I could either install using the Android APK and/or some sort of F-Droid type anonymous app store variation. I don’t think I want to narrow myself into the corner of a strictly Linux based device, but I also am not very tech savvy so I’m not exactly 100% sure what I’m doing lol. I want a de-google’d device, but I want the option of being able to run a few different apps, and I’m not exactly sure as to which OS would be the best so I’m hoping to get a device that will allow me to try out several different options until I can figure out the exact right one that I’m looking for.

The apps that I’m looking for specifically, in terms of priority are the following: Incognito Anonymous Bitcoin/Crypto Wallet, HackenAI, either Signal and/or Sessions for messaging, Telegram, some type of 2FA authentication app, Internxt cloud storage, and Brave internet browser.

So basically again to summarize without the long-winded wall of text:

Is /e/OS default on the list of devices for sale on the website? If so, can I change the OS to any other OS? Is there a list of these other supported OS’s? And lastly, are there any particular phones in the store that have the ability to turn off/take out the microphone and/or camera and/or GPS tracker thingie?

Thank you very much and I really look forward to hearing from the community about some help about this matter. Honestly I cannot believe how overwhelming this whole process has been lol. But I think I might have found a solution with an /e/ smartphone device if it ticks all of my boxes mentioned above.


You can use every Android device which was shipped with Android 8 or newer to install every custom rom which was build for the device or a lot if AOSP GSI. No need for a ePhone.

But you have to know, that not all banking apps are running on a ungoogled rom or gsi.

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slightly off-topic:
I would have been happy to find a BlackBerry device with keyboard in the list of possible installation targets for /e/.
I guess it is either not possible to unlock BB’s bootloader or it’s the small number of existing devices that /e/ programmers don’t waste their time for an adaptation.

You can unlock bootloader on most MTK devices. Xiaomi, Samsung, and much more devices you can unlock the bootloader. The big problem is huawei. They don’t allow unlocking.

Amazing thank you. I basically come to the conclusion that I’ll probably end up getting a Pixel 3 or some variety of Pixel and go with CalyxOS :+1:

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GSI /Device support (Project Treble)

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CalyxOS is NOT 100% ungoogled, you know?

Could you add the link to the GSI device list, because I’m not allowed to post links. Thx

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I did not know; is there a substantive difference between how un-googled /e/ and calyx are? AFAIK /e/ is also not 100% I’m googled but 99.9 (or something) because …sth to do with radios maybe?? Unsure…

I would love to see a thread with a detailed comparison of these two OSs, pros vs cons. What I can see so far is, CalyxOS seems to be based in and more focussed on the US, while /e/, based in Europe works well for those of us elsewhere.

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