Is possible to upgrade microg?

Hi all, is it possible to upgrade microG to the lastest version?
i’m using home assistant but it doesn’t find any location sensor on my 1.7s redmi note miatoll e/OS
so I want to try to upgrade microG as some home assistant forum suggests.
I add microG repository on f-droid but it doesn’t upgrade due signature difference.
someone can help me?

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Short answer: No.

/e/OS contains /e/'s fork of MicroG, built by /e/ and signed with their key. So it can only be updated with a newer version that is also signed with /e/'s key. In practice, this means that you can only update when /e/ ship a new ROM build containing an updated version.

If you want the latest, non-forked version of Microg, you would have to flash a different ROM

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Thx for your clarification. @Manoj any plan to update migrog? Or the ability ton use the stock one?

Update probably in v1.8


When I had /e/ on my Axon 7 (Nougat) and was sticking with Pie on the mata (for awhile anyway), I did get rid of /e/'s microG and used upstream but it wasn’t so easy.

Anyway, the current microG included with /e/OS 1.7 is 0.2.26. 0.2.27 just came out last week.

Release v0.2.27.223616 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

As the post linked in the previous message shows, it’s better to wait for 1.8 than to go through the troubles of trying to swap out microG.

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