Is sound/mic on third-party camera Apps working?

Hello everyone !

I’m a happpy user of a fairphone 4 & /e/Os last version (1.19).
I wanted to ask other user if they had any problems with all third-party Apps that use Recording with their specific UI.
It’s a pain in the ass to record something & no sound at he end x) .

For example Discord use the embedded /e/os camera frame to send photos / videos.
others like Snapchat get their own camera frame.

In the end I tried with many Apps which are working or not

Working :

  • Signal (own frame)
  • Discord (/e/os Camera)

Not working:

  • Snapchat (own frame)
  • Instagram (own frame)
  • Messenger (own frame)

Is there a special feature that is deactivated about micro during recording ?
Other users got the same problems ?

Thanks by advance to hear some experiences & if it’s the same on other phones.

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I’ve the same problem on my Fairphone, the problem is on some custom rom ( Like lineage, /e/, CalyxOS ). I restore fairphone OS and all is working.

I do a magisk mod and now it’s working but it’s not really fixed, i’ve just do a dirty mod on the mixer_path file. I don’t know where the problem is. The problem is not the file because it’s the same file on fairphone os

Yes, I discussed with 2 friends who got a fairphone, one with /e/os and other with fairphone OS. It works on fairphone but not on /e/os. I didn’t try other Roms anyway.

So you overrided with magisk some magisk module to make it work that’s it ? I’m intereseted :smiley:

Hello, I’ve experienced this issue as well, and it has led me to consider reverting to the FairphoneOS since I’m unable to transmit movies with audio on social platforms. Initially, I suspected it was due to an incorrect configuration on my part, yet it appears this problem stems from elsewhere. Hopefully, we’ll see a solution soon, whether that’s through Magisk or an /e/OS update!

I don’t see a corresponding issue in[]=FP4 currently, so to increase the chances of a fix and give feedback to the developers directly it would be worth to raise an issue there.

You’re right, I just did, thanks for the suggestion.
Link to the issue :

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Just to explain my magisk module
On these app, the mic is called by camcorder-mic who call “handset-dmic-endfire”.
In the mixer_path file I’ve replaced “handset-dmic-endfire” by “handset-mic2” and in the setup of “handset-mic2” I call the same 2 mic as “handset-dmic-endfire”.

It’s really dirty but it’s working

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