Is the Fairphone 3 (FP3) build using Treble/Generic System Image (GSI)?

The current installation docs for the FP3 build are somewhat wtf, totally different than what you know for old devices like the FP2

Previously you’ve used TWRP, now you do not seem to use it anymore.
What does this mean?
Is there still a recovery? (If so, do you ship your own recovery there?)

Is this related to Treble? Do the new builds even use Treble? Or, how it is called, GSI?
The instructions here look way different than the one for flashing GSI images in the fairphone forum.

So do all advantages of Treble still work in /e/? Like OTA updates and installation in the background? (which Android seems to call A/B devices)

And what are all these images you need to flash there?

Sorry, for so much questions here, but can I then also still go back to stock ROM by flashing it or is this an one-way-process (and I could only flash other custom ROMs then)?

backlink Fairphone forum

Yes, the FP3 is a A/B device and installation of updates during beta testing happened in the background.

And these instructions how to flash custom ROMs also has a section on how to go back to the stock ROM

P.S.: TWRP still exists but one would just boot it without installing (installation is also possible but that might/will break OTA updates).
P.P.S.: Here is a summary of some important differences between FP2 and FP3


Okay, so, but as now edited in the OP, your installation instructions differ very much from the ones listed in the FP forum for GSI flashing. One does not need to select a slot, one does not install some APK overlay, one just flashes a lot off stuff… :thinking:

Asked in different words: Could I also use the instructions in the FP forum to flash the /e/ image? And if so, what’s the difference?/what happens?

I would prefer asking in community telegram group. There you will find the master of GSI Phh furgenson. I think he can answer best.

Is this GSI fully /e/? the first build contained other Phh stuff too which i did not like!

It’s now full eOS. Build is working fine since ALL eSources together in git.

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So no phh stuff in it, is it build without the phh script?

Nope, I want that information to be public, so others can later also check it. That’s the reason for having a forum. (That said, if you want to tell people they can answer here, feel free to do so.)

No, the phh scripts are needed. And it’s also incl. a phh app. But the scripts are needed, as far as I understand, to get the gsi working

Ok, so I can’t help.

Thx @harvey186 for the info.

I have running the GSI on my Mi Max 3. In the moment I’m building a version without root and hope that my banking app will work with unrooted version