Is the Samsung J5 SM-J500M compatible with j5ltechn (design for J5 SM-J5008)?

I need to install eelo on a J5 SM-J500M, but there is no such exact version in the device list. I am thinking of installing “j5ltechn” that works on J5 SM-J5008. But I’m not sure if it’s compatible, does anyone know if it’s compatible?

Help me please!!!

Hi @secure you can check what is your device code by running this code from a adb enabled PC

adb shell getprop ro.product.device

The supported device list is over here
If your device is not on the list please do NOT flash an incompatible ROM as it will brick your device.
You can request for a build for your device in this section. The more the users requesting the better the chances of support for the device.

Thank you! I will see these details.