Is there a list of dual actual-SIM phones with a re-lockable bootloader that run /e/OS?

Fairly clear question in the Subject line.

I’d like to know which phones that can run /e/OS can do the two things listed:

  • have two actual SIMs inserted (not eSIMs); and
  • can re-lock their bootloader (such as Google Pixels).

As it stands, it is only occasionally that the install instructions mention re-locking bootloaders on some phones. Thus I seek a list that has complied this information into one place. Or, better yet, added as a column on the list of supported devices page.

A further subsidiary question is: when is the facility to actually manage dual SIMS (as in this post) coming back?

With the ‘Search’ function (top right) I get to this thread:

[LIST] Devices where bootloader can be relocked

Since very few devices can have the bootloader relocked after flashing /e/ OS, further research and answering the above question is very easy.


Since the security patch is an issue for fp4 in the 1.9/version, currently relocking fp4 if you upgraded fairphoneos in april 2023 to 1.9 will cause the data corrupt screen.

I tried to relock the bootloader and it will give the corrupt data screen after executing lock bootloader command.

Thanks for this, however I am a bit confused. The Google Pixels from 4 through to 7 Pro can all have their bootloader re-locked, according to the documentation at the GrapheneOS web site. The reason GOS uses the Pixels is for precisely this reason.

So, if Pixels can have bootloader re-locked for GOS, how is it that the documentation for the same phones for /e/OS do not say so? I’m suspecting that these instructions may be incomplete.

I haven’t checked them all but eos instsll guides describe locking on the 4 and 5.

Has to do woth the date of the security patch on the os and the /e/ OS. Android has antirollback feature

I’m eyeing off the 4a and 5a (or 6a, as yet not supported by eOS), which do not have the bootloader locking instructions. I just need a relative cheapie to take on overseas trips - or cybersecurity conferences :wink: - that is relatively more resistant to direct access attacks, something our unlocked bootloader phones do not possess. With Molly and Signal both installed, it is possible to more easily maintain two Signal numbers on an only single-SIM phone - which is OK for short-ish trips - even without the kludge of using Shelter for a separate Work profile to house a cloned Signal. Simplifying, simplifying. And ready to blow away the phone and re-install from scratch after the trip… (looks around for tin-foil hat)

Those three can be locked under calyx os , and other roms.

6a and other 6’s you have to note: once android13 is installed you cannot roll back to 12 (new feature)

I run 6a on iodé with locked bootloader since March, its very good. Before that was on calyx since device was released.

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The most significant reason is that because the GOS ROMs have been built to be locked.

In general /e/OS decides not to build the ROM this way — except in the cases where /e/ designs in locking.

Where such locking is designed in, then the documentation will reflect this.

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OK, so I need to get hold of an old 4 or 5 (or, hopefully, a 6 soon?), or else jump ship to GOS; but I like the Advanced Privacy app in /e/OS too much, especially setting my fake location to be the Kryptos sculpture in the courtyard at the CIA :rofl:

You could still open an issue over at the GitLab … … to get in touch with the /e/OS developers, perhaps they could shed some light on this for you.

The e os is not designed to protect against forensic extraction, if you are at a high risk, this os most likely wont be your first choice