Is there a list of requested apps? can I find the status of a requested app?

All is in the title!

The closest thing to those is a long dead thread were people submitted their requests, probably before the appstore app allowed to submit requests directly.

Currently, I would like to watch the status of an app which I couldnt request, as it was already requested, but hasnt been added for weeks, and then I hope I can reach an actionable conclusion e.g. wait patiently, offer my help, install f-droid, …

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A good suggestion. Pl can you raise it on Gitlab.
A lot of user frequently ask regarding the status of their requests. Possible options could be a section on the app itself which shares these details would be nice…or any place where the developers can share this info for the requestor to check.

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good point, I’ll try that.

Any updates on this thread?