Is there a TWRP image for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Wi-Fi) “gta4xlwifi”

Looking at the document for installing /e/ OS on gta4xlwifi, at the bottom of the page under the troubleshooting tips, I can read the following:


  • Errors while running TWRP version 3.4.x.x or above - Try downloading and using a previous TWRP version… below 3.4.x.x
  • In TWRP if this error shows up failed to mount /preload - Try in TWRP wipe screen in advanced menu select preload and swipe to wipe
  • /cache/recovery/xxx -> no such file or directory error while flashing a ROM - On PC run adb shell in the console now create a folder called recovery for e.g. here the devicecode name is violet “violet :/cache# mkdir recovery”

However, I haven’t found an image for this device at:

Do you know where I can get a TWRP image for this device?

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It was reported by TWRP that Recoveries for Q and R were proving difficult to publish.

In this case /e/ Recovery may be required.

Meanwhile, with the device, you can learn how to contribute to TWRP.

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Thanks for the reply @aibd!

So having read the installation document, I would need to install Heimdall in order to flash /e/ Recovery to the device.

I’ve got Heimdall in the repository of the Linux distribution that I use. Can I just install that or do I need to follow the installation guide for Heimdall as per the install doc?

Also, would it be possible to use Odin as well on a Windows system to install /e/ Recovery?

I was fine with Heimdall 1.4.1 from Debian Buster on my old Samsung. Bullseye has 1.4.2. You can check out the source and version history here: Tags · Benjamin-Dobell/Heimdall · GitHub.

I guess it would be relatively safe, if an older version could not communicate with a very new device you should learn that before you could do any harm.

I do not use Windows. I cannot comment on Odin, my first reaction would be can you get /e/ Recovery in a suitable format to use with Odin?

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Thanks @aibd for your explanation!

The version from my Linux (Arch, btw :blush: :sweat_smile:) is 1.4.2-6.
I can see for the Github page that the latest release (1.4.2) is from 2017.
I do hope that it will work with this device. If not I really don’t think I would need a tablet with a regular Android system.

Good question! I really wouldn’t know. The first and last time I used Odin in Windows was to flash TWRP to a Samsung Galaxy phone. I installed /e/ later using TWRP.

Meanwhile, I also found Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite WiFi


Yes, [DISCONTINUED][RECOVERY][OFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy Tab S6 Lite | Page 5 | XDA Forums

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You can find the latest /e/ ROM and recovery build here at the S6 Lite installation guidelindes under section Downloads for the gta4xlwifi:

Since I had audio issues with the latest /e/ version [] I build the latest /e/ version. Instructions are found here:
Section 6 Start Build has a link to v0.20-r version

I could successfully build a v0.20-r version and using a currenty recovery image from lineage OS for gta4xlwifi

I you want I can share the v0.20-r /e/ OS image

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@aibd @piero

Thank you so much for taking your time to help me!
And sorry for my rather long absence from the thread.

Unfortunately both downloads link at show
404 Not Found.

And also it seems that the development of the TWRP image for this device id discontinued looking at

and the image not available for dowload. However there is a link to the source code but I am not sure I am up to the task to build it from source, partly being afraid that if something goes wrong I might be looking at a broken device.


Thanks for your reply and the information! And also thanks for offering to share the OS image!

I’ll be getting the device within a couple of hours. I will be trying to follow the instruction for installation of /e/. I just wonder if there are things I should be aware of and take care of before flashing the recovery and OS images.

Something I was thinking about is that if it is possible to backup the stock ROM if I need to re-flash the tablet back to the stock.

I’ll appreciate any and all of your suggestions and advice. Thanks in advance!

I would always recommend having a stock ROM to hand - this should lead to a choice of links. Know your hardware - Samsung.

Thanks @aibd, great info!
I’ll make sure to go through it before attempting to install.

I tend to be a bit impatient and throw myself head first in these kind of stuff but I have to put a brake on myself. I can’t afford to be sitting there with a bricked device :brick: :sweat_smile:


The model I am getting is SM-P610NZAANEE.
The only place for downloading the firmware that come close to anything like NEE, is at

The latest looks like to be

Should I fully update the device firs and see if the firmware version matches P610XXU2CUH2?
And I suppose it is a trustworthy site, right? :innocent: :blush:

Sorry, I’m not sure I can provide much guidance here! I did not get a hit on a quick search earlier!

All my hands on experience is on older devices!
Sometimes ROMs are not easily available for devices still “new”. I can only encourage “keep searching”! Perhaps even with Samsung support.

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It is model version ( device color, storage size, etc… ), not system version !
look onto the stock recovery screen…

Hi @piero

Sure, when I posted that I didn’t have the device yet. Now after all the system updates are done, I see this:

Or do you want me to go into recovery mode to get the info?

Edit: In the Recovery:

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have fast download without account, but others could be more up to date for recents devices

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Thanks! I’ll look into it.
I had a look earlier at the others as well but I couldn’t see anything related to this model.
I’ll look again.

If I don’t find any more up-to-date firmware, would it be possible to use the one from Sfirmware which is several months old now in casee I want to revert to stock rom?

And by the way, when I go to download the recovery and /e/OS images I get:

Screenshot from 2022-01-05 00-13-39

Strange, because I could go to those pages before.

totaly yes

replace TWRP by recovery-e for this device.

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Great! Thanks for the help!

My problebm seems to be that I don’t have access to the images at the moment : (

The bootloader is already unlocked. Tried heimdall print-pit and the device rebooted so I guess heimdall is working fine.

At any rate, I’ll be doing this tomorrow when I am hopefully a bit more alert.

I use /e/ on my Galaxy S8 since several months now and I am very happy with it.
I really would like to have a tablet as well with /e/. At the same time, I see on Lineage side that there are nightly builds for this model. Are they more up-to-date or does /e/ as well follow their nightly releases?