Is there a TWRP image for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Wi-Fi) “gta4xlwifi”


The model I am getting is SM-P610NZAANEE.
The only place for downloading the firmware that come close to anything like NEE, is at

The latest looks like to be

Should I fully update the device firs and see if the firmware version matches P610XXU2CUH2?
And I suppose it is a trustworthy site, right? :innocent: :blush:

Sorry, I’m not sure I can provide much guidance here! I did not get a hit on a quick search earlier!

All my hands on experience is on older devices!
Sometimes ROMs are not easily available for devices still “new”. I can only encourage “keep searching”! Perhaps even with Samsung support.

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It is model version ( device color, storage size, etc… ), not system version !
look onto the stock recovery screen…

Hi @piero

Sure, when I posted that I didn’t have the device yet. Now after all the system updates are done, I see this:

Or do you want me to go into recovery mode to get the info?

Edit: In the Recovery:

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have fast download without account, but others could be more up to date for recents devices

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Thanks! I’ll look into it.
I had a look earlier at the others as well but I couldn’t see anything related to this model.
I’ll look again.

If I don’t find any more up-to-date firmware, would it be possible to use the one from Sfirmware which is several months old now in casee I want to revert to stock rom?

And by the way, when I go to download the recovery and /e/OS images I get:

Screenshot from 2022-01-05 00-13-39

Strange, because I could go to those pages before.

totaly yes

replace TWRP by recovery-e for this device.

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Great! Thanks for the help!

My problebm seems to be that I don’t have access to the images at the moment : (

The bootloader is already unlocked. Tried heimdall print-pit and the device rebooted so I guess heimdall is working fine.

At any rate, I’ll be doing this tomorrow when I am hopefully a bit more alert.

I use /e/ on my Galaxy S8 since several months now and I am very happy with it.
I really would like to have a tablet as well with /e/. At the same time, I see on Lineage side that there are nightly builds for this model. Are they more up-to-date or does /e/ as well follow their nightly releases?

/e/ release are about 2months frequency

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No worries!
I am so greatful for all the help and advice I am getting from you guys!
Thank you so much!

So am I good to go with /e/ even it could be two months behind or would it be preferable, for now at least, to go with LOS?

@aibd @piero @ronnz98


I have successfully installed /e/ on the Tab S6 Lite. It is up an running and most everything is working as far as I have had time to test.

The only thing not working is the sound. It looks like it is not working on this build for this device as mentioned above by @ronnz98.

The build being almost two months old, and if this is a known issue then will it be fixed in the next update?

I have sound neither from the speakers nor from cable connected earphones.
I get sound with Bluetooth-connected earphones but the quality gets quite bad if the media playing app is running in the background or when the screen is off.

Please bear in mind that Android R is Beta for /e/. Perhaps (my own view here) /e/ is waiting for all issue reports to come in on R builds, before polishing the /e/ version updates. As such it is important that “early testers” do actually so that the devs know! :slight_smile:

However taking up @ronnz98’s offer to share his image would answer your question!


Thanks @aibd for your reply!

With your explanation and the fact that @ronnz98 has succeeded in building a working rom for this device I am now more confident that these smal bugs will be ironed out eventually.

I’ll look into the link you have shared and post a report.
I am not in a hurry to have it all working at once and will gladly test the future builds of /e/ for this tablet.
Perhaps in this way I could contribute, however infinitesimal it may be, to the development of /e/.

For now, I am celebrating that I was able to install the system on this device and most everything is running fine. I was amazed to compare the number of running services at idle on the stock rom with those running on /e/. I understand now what de-googling and debloating the system really means.
And I am very happy about it.

Thank you all for the support and for sharing your knowledge. I really appreciate it.

After some weeks of testing on my Samsung S6 Lite I can share thats its pretty stable.
Sound issues are fixed for e-0.20-r
Some small issue like Voice recognition is showing though dectivated and minor issues with adaptive display
I have also installed latest beta for e on a S5e LTE and its workings also very stable since weeks - the only issue I faced was headphones not working using usb-c
I have now an accound at AndroidFileHost and registered now as developer, however could not upload the e-0.20-r build for S6 lite yet

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Could now upload my e-0.20-r version for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite build to AndroidFilehost.

As recovery image I used an image from the Linage OS home page
I used lineage-18.1-20211229-recovery-gta4xlwifi.img


No sorry I used lineage-18.1-20211215-recovery-gta4xlwifi.img as recovery image
But I suppose the newer versions should also work

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Thanks for posting and sharing your work!
I’ll try reading through the links you posted before on building /e/ to see if I eventually can gain some technical capacity to build one myself some day.

Build now latest e-021.1-r release for the Samsung S6 Lite:

Voice recognition issue seems to be fixed

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