Is there a way to copy text message text?

Is there a way to copy text message text?

I wrote a lengthy text, and wanted to forward to another number, but couldn’t copy/paste.

Is there anyway to do this?


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In the SMS/MMS app that I use (Silence), I long-press on the message, then choose Forward from the menu, following which I select the recipient.

I’m also able to long-press, select the Copy/Paste symbol at top, then paste the text into a Notes file.

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Hi Taurus,

I am using the default e/os messages app. Any reason, you use another app?

Its not normally a problem, as I rarely use standard text messages, but I am corresponding with someone elderly.

Strange the standard app is locked down.

I’ve been using the Silence app for years, and like its features and look. I’m averse to change in user interfaces.:crazy_face:

Keep on pressing the SMS.

Wait for the message to be highlighted

Press the three dots on top right of the screen.

Copy the message or forward it

All this in the standard app for SMS

Yes, on trying tonight it works. When I tried this morning I didn’t see a copy text option. I was stressed trying to send an urgent text. Probably missed it being stressed.

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