Is There A Way to Get Weeks to Start on Monday?

I have set my locale to a country that says “Week starts on Monday” in the user settings, but that does not seem to work. In the browser app weeks start on Sunday.

Working fine here (language US English, locale French). Could you elaborate please?

I use language English (US) and locale English (Denmark). In the android calendar weeks correctly start on monday, but in the browser app they start on sunday (as only americans do).

Hi @Taylor I remember checking out your enquiry when you first asked, but whereabouts do you see “Week starting” within in the Browser app ?

Browser is a fork of Bromite, in turn a fork of Chromium.

… which might explain “as only Americans do” … if there is no workaround, idk.

Do you mean, Browser app on phone?
I couldn’t reproduce your problem:

If you’re on a computer, this may be related to your OS or browser settings… Hard to tell :frowning:

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I mean in a desktop browser. There, I have the same locale settings as on my phone.

You may have to review your browser or OS locale/country setting.


You are right, my desktop browser was set to american. Changing that doesn’t seem to change when the weekday starts though.


It may also be a setting in your OS…

Please share your OS and browser!