Is there a way to install Android?

I am in the US and bought a Fairphone for the repairability mostly but somewhat for the environmental side of things too. I’ve had it for about 3 months now and frankly I hate this OS and stock apps. The GPS is completely useless where I live. I only get 1 gb of online storage and am constantly reminded its full or nearly full. The stock camera app only works when I’m completely still. The gallery app never sorts photos correctly by date. Awful support for anything in Mandarin. No quick and easy talk to text, or voice messages. Every charge of my battery has 14% going to MicroG for some unknown reason. Murena’s email servers constantly fail to sync, even when Google’s and Proton’s are syncing. Everything but my browser refuses to allow me to access Microsoft email addresses. I am not at all interested in someone trying to convince me to stick with this OS and have typed the above only to state some of the reasons why I do not wish to keep it. Please do not reply with reasons I should not switch back to android.

Is it possible to install stock android and if so will it work correctly?

Which Fairphone do you have?

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As for experiences running Fairphone OS on various Fairphones in the US, please consult (perhaps browse from the end for newer Fairphones, as the topic is long).

As for installing Fairphone OS … Fairphone 4:

@Manoj: Would installing Fairphone OS void Murena’s warranty for Murena FP4s sold in the US for good, or not at all, or would the warranty be made valid again if the user installed /e/OS again afterwards in case of need?
(Referring to warranty exclusion “Updating the operating system not recommended or not recommended by the manufacturer and which may permanently damage the Product”, just asking for clarity’s sake.)

Fairphone 3/3+:

I can’t imagine you have a Fairphone 2, but if so:

Flashing /e/OS back in case of need does not void the warranty.

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I have a FairPhone 4

How different from Android is the FP OS?

/e/OS is Android, Fairphone OS is Android, and there are some more possible OSes which are Android. And some which are not. Here’s a list:

Fairphone OS is Android with Google services and Apps, that’s what you mean. Fairphone don’t do much to change Google’s defaults, so Fairphone OS is fairly standard.

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