Is there /e/OS device useable as daily driver?

Hello there!

Have been using Fairphone 4 for 2 last months and I’m honestly really unhappy about it.

Camera2API is still locked so We can not use any third party camera app for secondary lenses and depth sensor as it doesn’t work at all. Fairphone also refuses to make their native app usable on other ROMs. Aweful.

Now the things got worse. I did drop my phone. Aluminium frame has taken damage and Fairphone company refuses to provide me with new one, as it is a part of “core module” and it has to be sent to them and repaired for cca. €250. So no chance to get spare parts. Furthermore, speaker started to misbehave and protective net over it started to somehow disintegrate and is slowly falling out. Net by net.

Locked Camera2API and no way to get spare parts even when I’m professional technician and own company for that? That surely is nothing ‘FAIR’.

Therefore is no reason left for me to stick with fairphone. It starts to seem like just overhyped wannabe-fair phone maker IMO.

Is there any officialy supported /e/OS device in this moment with working and accessible Camera2API in this moment? What about Nord? Taking some good photos is kinda important for me and OpenCamera gives me some honestly disgusting results.

Spare parts for Fairphones have always been the modules defined as such.
That the modules can be torn down further doesn’t change this.

However, once warranty and easily handling it don’t apply, just offering you to swap the Core module, which of course is the most expensive part of the phone, seems like a too vanilla approach by support to me if you’ve only got frame damage.
The FP4 Repair price list and FAQ defines the part of the Core module you want to have as the “midframe”. Perhaps it would be worth to inquire again how it would be possible to get the “midframe” outside of warranty, or whether their repair center could offer to only swap the midframe in a non-warranty case.

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as I agree with the camera issue, I do understand the issue with the core module. It had all the info (IMEI, etc.) and I thing that by law that counts as a different phone. So, with the core module is a bit tricky to just change it…

I also own FP4 and camera issue is really lame. They should fix it somehow. There is a lot of people complaining about it. I hope they make some progress on that field. In the meantime I use Graphene Camera. Still not even close to the “original” camera app from FP4 OS, but at least it’s fast.


I can only agree, but this is my whole problem with FairPhone company - is it ‘fair’ to refuse to sell you spare parts because they call it part of ‘module’ they do not sell? That aluminium frame is in no way connected to phone IMEI. It is just a piece of removeable and interchangeable aluminium.

Is it fair to restrict HW access to somebody who did pay €650 for a phone?

So as far as I understand, no such problems with OnePlus Nord 5G, right? All the spare parts availible everywhere from multiple sellers. For example the center frame costs €70 and you can just swap it yourself. Thats what I call FAIR.

oneplus8 works well, camera , etc no issues , have been using it for 3 months , I have also used the oneplus 5 previously for 3 months without any issues also