Is VOIP-SIP app reliable on e/OS

I am thinking more and more in investing in a FairPhone 3 with e/OS.

However, I nearly not use my smartphone. The only advantage I find in it is that I have an app that allows me to use my SIP line.

I have a spent a lot of time to find a voip-sip app that suit for my phone, notably a lot had troubles, cancelling without appearing reasons or there was an echo during the communication. I finally found an app that works. It is an application for which a fee is charged, that notably offers push-notification. I did not find it on the app checker of e/OS/

I would like to ask: are there SIP apps for e/OS that correctly run? And offer push notifications

Besides, is there a shop, or an association, close to Paris where I could speak of these issues with a “physical” expert?

Thank you for your answer,


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Sipnetic works well. Sadly I haven’t found an open source one which works reliably.

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Indeed, I did not know that it is allowed to quote trade names. But I use Sipnetic. And Acrobit
Too bad that it is not available on e/OS

the app availabilty checker is no longer a reference since app-lounge launched in v0.23.

Both sip apps are available, though if you use the paid version of sipnetic (there is a free version) or acrobits (paid only) you need to buy them with a play-services connected device first or ask the publisher if alternative methods to buy a license are available.

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Thank uou very much @tcecyk !! Great news!!
I don’t know what is a play-services connected device?

“play-services connected device” - a regular android phone, if you still have one, without modification from the manufacturer (“stock rom”) and connected to a google account is the easiest way to get paid apps onto a /e/ phone, as there is no way to buy apps from the play store, see this thread → Can't buy apps from Google Store

as for the other question in your top post

Besides, is there a shop, or an association, close to Paris where I could speak of these issues with a “physical” expert?

you could seek out the fairphone community, I guess most users that attend the meetings have knowledge on customroms as /e/ and Lineage and as you’re interested in a FP3 anyway - … the forum software allows to search within the category, so Paris has some hits

As for VoIP / SIP, I’d really like to see an in-depth review/comparison on available Apps, with a query I mostly hit search engine spam (“top 10 x”). I did post a small guide to how to use the built-in client, but it’s not the most featureful: [HOWTO] use the builtin Android SIP client to do VoIP

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