Is webmail working?

I am wondering if webmail is down currently?

I’m unable to receive any e-mails to it and I have tested a few different providers to e-mail to my murena account, none have been received.
I am unable to receive via Thunderbird either.

edit: unable to send e-mails either

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There was only 98% yesterday, showing 100% here now

thank you, it’s odd I’m unable to send or receive e-mails though

@Manoj are you able to take a look, please?

Checking if there is an issue. Have also alerted the teams to check.

Team is working on resolving the issue.

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I can confirm I am having the same issue; I am able to send mails though (the recipient has confirmed receiving them), but not receive them.
Thanks for the quick follow-up!

Hi Team,

Am I the only who is not able to send out emails using an email client on either my phone or pc and even using the webmail it keeps telling me “Can send Message” Is there an issue with the SMTP Server or has there been a change to the server to prevent this or is there an issue on my account that hasn’t been communicated? Please help. I have a couple of emails stuck in my drafts folder that need to be sent out urgently.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

mails can be sent at time of writing - for the past, the murena status page shows a 98% availability for mail, so when you posted, there might’ve been an issue. If for you it’s still ongoing but status page is all green you could reach out to

Many thanks! It appears to be back for myself, I can send and was able to receive the e-mails that were waiting to be delivered.

The team resolved the issue some time back. Clearing up the backlog of messages took some extra time. All mail services should be working normally now.


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