Island by Oasis Feng

After switching to /e/ mobile os on my axon7, I’ve quickly realized that some thrid party services were necessary for my work. But what was the point of using a privacy focused os if I install apps such as facebook, word, etc… So, I did some research and found this app : Island by Oasis Feng. If I understood correctly, this app allows you to run any app in a virtual environment to prevent them spying on you. I wanted to know what were your thoughts about this, and if it could provide a viable alternative solution while I am making a transition to a fully FOSS mobile phone.


There are also privacy friendl(ier) apps to browse FB on F-Droid like Tinfoil for FB.

FB will never be part of a fully FLOSS phone. The only real alternative is to get your friends to join a different social network.

Thann you very much, I will check it out right now

I know Paula, and I have planned in (the near, hopefully) future to completely abandon Facebook but raising awareness among my friends takes a lot of time unfortunately. As of now, I was trying to find a compromise during that transition period. Anyway, thanks to all the /e/ community for the great advice given on this forum


thanks to Grogros4 post, I’m aware of Island. Because if I still want to stay in touch with 90% of my friends, I have to be on Whatsapp.
I installed Island and I think I understand a bit how it work.
The issue is that I can’t linked my contacts with Whatsapp on Island and I really don’t know how to do it.
I’m sorry to ask here, but I wasn’t able to find the answer elsewhere.

Island creates a barrier to all the data so anything in the Island can’t get data from apps outside the Island. I have not done it, but I think the solution would be to install a copy of Davdroid inside Island and setup that to sync your contacts. Yes you now have duplicate copies of your contact list inside and outside island but they should stay in sync.

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I’m using island also for WhatsApp. But I setup manually the needed contacts for WhatsApp, but only the nick name and phone number. Nothing more, because i don’t want share all my contacts and contact information with mark zuckerberg.
Sync all contacts makes no sense for me because i don’t want share all my contacts and contact information with mark zuckerberg.

By the day, shelter is the same but FOSS. But it has problems with e