Issue Installing a 3rd Party App

I’ve only used /e/ for a few months and I think it’s great. However, I’m having issues installing a 3rd party app. As I am in the habit of backing up my device data, I have been a big fan of Titanium Backup. However, support for that app has dried up and I can’t get a hold of anyone to sell me the license file (Titanium Backup PRO has a dependency on the Google Playstore).

I have been looking at alternative backup apps and one in particular - OandBackupX - looks promising (The older and original app, OandBackup, does strange things to the files if more than one backup is attempted and the app is unsupported). However, OandBackupX will not install on my Moto G4 (the latest version of /e/ is installed). On a whim, I tried installing the app with SAI and got some information on why the app is not installing:

Failed parse during installPackageLI:
(at Binary XML file line #8): Requires
newer sdk version #26 (current version is

I did some research and it appears that the SDK is part of the operating system and must be installed via a system update. Now, if the required “version #26” will not work on a Moto G4, I completely understand and I will continue to pester the folks at Titanium Backup for the license file. However, if SDK version 26 can be used on my phone, I would like to acquire it as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your hard work!

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SDK version 26 is Android 8.0. I see the newest /e/ for your device is Nougat (7).

Looking at the git history, it was dropped here:

GitHub’s UI shows that this commit has been part of several tags, the oldest being 3.1.0.

So using an OAndBackupX version before that, such as 3.0.0 should probably work fine on your device.

@TheLastProject - I will have to look through the change logs to see if there were any significant changes since then. As I said before, “OandBackup”, which this app is based on, does weird things to the files if more than one backup is attempted.

Thank you very much for your help and for looking for me.

Well, I installed the older version. It can write to the external SD card but it can’t do a restore from there - guess that’s out.

Probably just teach myself Bash / ADB and grab data/data and data/app for backups.