Issue installing e/os/ on Google Pixel 5a

I’m trying to flash a Google Pixel 5a, the directions are a bit confusing , under temporarily booting a custom recovery using fastboot it says to download custom recovery and downlad the file name vendor_boot.img then in step 5 it says to Flash a recovery image so I flashed the recovery-e-1.7-s-20230110250406-dev-barbet.img and it transferred the file over phone but the phone stays in fastboot mode, restarting it or restart in recovery just brings it back to fastboot. Device state: unlocked. Boot slot:a Enter reason: error boot prepare

So I reflashed Android 11 and tried to flash the vendor_boot.img file. It shows the google logo on white background briefly then goes back to fastboot mode. What do I try next?

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In Fastboot use the volume buttons to find Recovery and hit the power button to enter Recovery Mode. This should get you to where you need to be.

When I enter recovery, the phone just reboots back to the fastboot screen.

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Installation instructions are confusing and mixed up at the moment with roms for android 11 and 12 requiring different steps to flash a recovery.

If you want to install eOS-s please install google’s stock android 12 first. Also read this post about similar problems on another pixel device. It’s best practice to put stock on both slots before flashing eOS.

Then to flash recovery on android 12 pixel choose the oldest vendor_boot.img from the list. It may or may not work, I don’t know for sure. There have been problems with this recently.

If that doesn’t work you may try to extract the vendor_boot.img from the payload.bin of the eos rom you are trying to flash. Again, I don’t know this would work but think it may. Payload dumper helps to do this.

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I am having same problem with a Pixel 4a5g: error boot prepare. If I reinstall factory ROM 11 I can recover to stock, then use easy installer to get to e/OS-r. Once I move to e/OS-s I get trouble.

I will post a more details once I get home from work. I have two of these phones I managed to get to e/OS-s on mine last week, but the second one I cannot. Like I said i will post later in a new thread.

Thanks for the replies. I flashed to Android 12 and then used the older vendor_boot.img from lineage and was able to flash 1.7 e/os.


Have a look at this thread might also apply to the Pixel 5a: