Issue with Adding Multiple Accounts in Nextcloud Dev App on eOS 2.0-t - Workaround Available

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I wanted to bring to your attention an issue I encountered while using the Nextcloud Dev app (version 20240514) on eOS 2.0-t. I’m not sure whether it is related to Nextcloud or to eOS. But I guess that many users uses this combination of the two, I’ll report it here.

The problem arises when trying to add multiple accounts to the app. Here are the details:

When attempting to add multiple accounts to the Nextcloud Dev app, the authorization process fails. This occurs because Nextcloud opens the authorization link in the default browser, which remembers the previous authorization session. As a result, instead of presenting a new login form for each account, it continues with the previously authorized session.

Expected Behavior:
The browser should present a fresh login form each time a new account is being added, allowing for proper authorization of multiple accounts.

A temporary solution to this issue involves configuring the browser to open external links in incognito mode. This way, the browser does not retain previous session data and offers a new login window for each authorization attempt. Browser > Settings > Privacy and security > Privacy

By changing the Browser settings, one should be able to add multiple accounts to the Nextcloud Dev app without encountering the authorization issue.

I hope this helps others facing the same problem. If anyone has a more permanent solution or further insights, please share them here!

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I’d like to know if nextcloud-android (dev) does emit a browser intent asking to be in a fresh/private session. It then would be the callers responsibility to solve this (it also could be a Cromite bug if the intent isn’t honored to be in a new session if the intent does ask for it). I had a quick stab at the source but didn’t find the place where the intent is formed, could be easier to just watch a logcat while asking.

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