Issue with banking app

A banking app says this doesn’t work on a rooted/jailbroken device while using on an unrooted /e/ OS on redmi note 7 ?
The banking app name is U-mobile. The app doesn’t allow screenshots.


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I have experienced the same while testing /e/ on a Sony xz2c. So I decided to buy a Fairphone 3 on which the bootloader can be locked again. The banking app works now.

I do not know if its possible to make it work with root, couldn’t find a post which goes into detail about that.

One answer to the screen shot problem is to take a photo of your screen with another device.


Perhaps the app is looking for ‘gg plaie sevices’…

Are your MicroG settings all OK ? See MicroG > Settings > Test.

The issue is fixed after rooting with magisk and using magisk hide. I think the problem is with the userdeug build/root build of the ROM, which comes pre rooted ?

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Do you have any other advice regarding Banking apps?


Yes for sure! I won’t use one as long as possible! Security (?) with plenty of gg services, aws, some use even Huawei service core, WTF ???

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I meant more off a technical advice :wink: