Issue with Quick Settings

I use a lot of apps on my newly /e/OS imaged Moto G4, including Tasker. I have noticed that /e/OS has the same issue as LineageOS as far as the Quick Settings tiles go - that is, if you edit the Quick Settings tiles to add a tile and the number of rows of Quick Settings tiles in the “Drag to add tiles” section is too deep (I think the critical number of rows is 7), a user is unable to move the desired Quick Settings tile to the display area. The only way to move the desired tile is to reduce the number of rows, ie: to move tiles into the display area until the desired tile is within reach. FYI: the tiles in the first 6 rows can be moved from one row to another but there’s a line displayed in the “Drag to add tiles” display below which no icons can be moved in this fashion.

This is, apparently, a known issue, as the AOKP ROM I used before I came to /e/OS implemented a work-around - the user could “flick” the Quick Setting tile and it would appear in the display area. Please consider adding something like this to /e/OS.

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