Issue with sideload on slot b for G7 Power

Hello, I am trying to reinstall /e/ os on Moto G7 Power from Lineage OS 18. I got stuck on the point where I am asked to sideload partition file for slot b. I receive the below answer in Terminal:

adb: sideload connection failed: no devices/emulators found
adb: trying pre-KitKat sideload method…
adb: pre-KitKat sideload connection failed: no devices/emulators found

as “fastboot devices” has found my device properly I wonder if with comparison to the fact I have Lineage already on it, do I need this mandatory step as I completed it earlier for Lineage, or is it better to solve it somehow?
Had anyone encountered this issue?

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Ok, eventually I have installed TWRP and used Advanced Wipe to clear all the data. After that I installed system directly from the filed on my SD card :
During the installation I was asked to change the slot so the system could finish installation properly. After reboot I have /e/ os started :heart: and it looks good.
Do you know if this “copy partitions” file is required in this situation so the system will not break in the future? Or is it better to reinstall it with adding those “copy partitions” ? :thinking:

I am still thinking how the slot a and slot b works. Should I install system on both slots? They keep changing with each installation try :thinking:

I have found today this movie :

Even if I avoid steps 8 and 9 regarding gapps I am not sure if this is okay that the system asks for slot change in the end of the installaton from os zip file :thinking:

Eventually I have the os working on my Moto G7 Power. Regarding slots I cleaned both of them with help of twrp. Then I switched to slot a where I followed the remaining installation steps. After reboot system didn’t ask me anything like it was with Lineage on the movie above. :smile:

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