Issues with automated voice activated systems

I am having trouble with certain voice-activated systems. They are getting input, even when I am not speaking. I’ve tried this in quiet spaces, same issue.

Does anybody from tech support not respond to messages? I need to fix this, so I can handle credit card issues. It’s difficult. The phone is sending voice input, even though I have not said anything, and the room is completely quiet. I don’t get a chance to punch a number. Then, when I get an actual human, because their system sees a problem, sound drops every half-second, rendering voice support unusable.

Please provide more info on your problem. It is hard to understand, what you mean.

Okay, thanks. The issue I have, is when I call support for one of my credit cards, they have an automated system that responds to voice input. But when I call, their system reacts as if I said something, even though I have not. Eventually, their system sees that I am having problems, then transfers me to a live operator. Then, when he/she speaks, half of what they say drops. I hear sound for about a half-second, then nothing for another half-second, back-and-forth.It renders support from my credit card unusable.
I see that my phone wants to install an OS update, so I will give that a try. I will let you know what happens.

Now I see that I need to install the update manually. Automatic will not work.

Okay, I have installed the latest update. I backed my apps up, then restored them, but some don’t work, and have to be reninstalled. Also, voice-activated systems are still an issue, although not as bad as before.

I just rooted the device, so hopefully I can do full backups of my apps.

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