Issues with Mail's Authorizarions


since some weeks, Mail (on Samsung S7) doesn’t sync to mark as read, delete or move mails : all mails that I read, delete or move on the app aren’t on my mailbox. I think i have find the problem in Settings->Applications->Mail (or Authorizations->More authorizations), the authorizations to read, delete mails and take control of Mail are disabled. If i put these three authorizations on, quit the window and come back, i find them back on off. Anyone has the same issue or know how to solve it ? Thanks.

PS : I don’t know if it’s related but i can’t update Google Play Services (or MicroG ?) because of conflict with existing packages.


depuis quelques semaines, l’application Mail (sur Samsung S7) ne se synchronise plus pour ce qui est de la lecture, suppression et du déplacement des mails : tout mail que je vais lire, supprimer ou déplacer dans un dossier sur l’application du téléphone ne le sera pas sur la boîte mail (vérifié en direct sur la boîte mail via navigateur). Je pense avoir trouvé le problème dans Paramètres->Applications->Mail (ou Autorisations->Autorisations supplémentaires), les autorisations de lecture, suppression et prise de contrôle à distance de Mails sont désactivées. Si je les active, quitte la page des autorisations puis reviens, je les retrouve à nouveau désactivées. Quelqu’un a-t-il le même problème ou sait-il comment le résoudre ? Merci.

PS : je ne sais pas si cela est lié mais la mise à jour de Services Google Play (ou MicroG ?) ne se fait pas pour cause de conflit avec les paquets existants.

That’s good. You can’t update microG manually. It’s only working via eOS update. The latest eOS version from last week should incl. the latest microG
And pls, never try flashing google play services on eOS!!!

Thanks for the explanation about MicroG. Do you think it can be related with the Mail authorization issue ?

On a Samsung S7 with /e/ OS, microG Services are also pre-installed by default. Why do you talk about Google Play Services in the same breath? Have you installed both services?

Because when Aurora Store wants to update MicroG, it goes on Google Play Services page. Only MicroG is installed.

This is good and right.

But I don’t understand why “Aurora Store MicroG wants to upgrade”.

microG Service Core (GmsCore) is system relevant and an update to the current stable release is normally not available via App Store.

It would be interesting to know why this should happen on your phone.

I have a one week old pie build of eOS and after installing Yalp and Aurora, both are showing me MicroG GmsCore under updates.

I think it’s because if different ID’s

Aurora was in auto-update (I disabled it) and microG was among the updates…

My version of microG is

Current stable release of GmsCore by microG is integrated in the /e/OS build since 17.12.2019. See also [changelog] amsung Galaxy S7 - “herolte”

So, it should be updated with the next S7 system update.

About Mail, the only solution I see for now is to try to return to factory settings. But I would like a better option…