Issues with OP5T V0.2

Hello team,
Have been using the /e/ 0.2 on OP5T since Friday. I would like to bring the below issues to your attention for further review and any possible actions.
1 Weather app doesn’t work in the bliss swipe left placeholder. I have tried settings and still the information doesn’t load.
2 Whenever the phone has been woken up from sleep it hangs. The screen doesn’t wake up. The only way out is to force restart the phone. This is quite annoying as it renders the phone unusable. I need to force restart the phone to use every time I pick my phone from my pocket or from table.
3 The sound quality is very low and poor. The sound quality was better under o2. Even installing the viper from magisk didn’t help the cause as it didn’t work.
4 While using headphones to make calls I get to hear lot of ruffling noise. This is only while using Headphones. Otherwise the call quality is good.


@Dravidian thanks for the feedback. Please can you raise these as defects in Gitlab. That will help track and close them. If possible please raise as separate issues . Please attach a Logcat that would really be helpful in the debug.
Also wanted to check if you had tried using the Lineage 15.1 ROM on this phone? Did you face these issues on that ROM? Just wanted to check if these issue are /e/ induced or were already in Lineage.

No I did not try Lineage before. I will try to raise this in gitlab. I am not sure how to get catalogs?

The reason why i was mentioning Lineage is i had a similar issue on my MiA1 both with /e/ and with Lineage. The phone shuts off automatically. After checking a few scenarios realized it was happening when it was not getting a network. At night I switch of the wifi at home and the phone network in my area kinds of gets weak. This is i guess a correct behavior for phones which try for a few times to get hold of a network and then give up and switch off. The interesting thing is this issue is not happening with the stock ROM. Still working to identify the exact scenario for this error before raising an issue in Gitlab.
For the LogCat you can connect your phone to a PC with adb enabled and run this command on the PC
adb logcat -d > logcat.txt
This will create a file named logcat in your current folder.

My day could not have been any bad than these. I tried installing lineage on my phone and got in to bootloop. Then I flashed DU, there was no audio output at all to the headphones. It also had a very rapid battery drain. Installed /e/ again. The phone got in to bootloop again. After great struggle finally managed to install stock O2 in the phone. Now I just want the phone to be as it is😃. I have one plus x in which /e/ has beenincredibly pleasant to use. I will continue to use one plus x as my primary phone for fee more weeks. I will try again in my OP5T probably after couple of more updates.
For screen hanging my problem is not due to signal coverage. every time I pick my phone after few minutes it hangs.
How do I create a defect log in git now?

@Dravidian sorry to hear about the issues you are facing. If it is not possible to get a log , just mention the steps you took to flash and if it was the same as on the wiki site. Share details which you can provide.

The logs are generated by connecting your phone to a PC with adb enabled and run this command on the PC
adb logcat -d > logcat.txt
This will create a file named logcat in your current folder. Since your phone is not functional not sure you may be able to get the logs. Provide details as you can share in

Just submitted. But I guess messed with the format. I hope the developer manages to make sense out of it.

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