It seems that the EU Commission has told its staff to start using Signal

The European Commission has told its staff to start using Signal, an end-to-end-encrypted messaging app, in a push to increase the security of its communications.
The instruction appeared on internal messaging boards in early February, notifying employees that “Signal has been selected as the recommended application for public instant messaging.”


Hello, thanks for the link.

Increase security by using GCM ???

And what about Silence ?..

While I would say they are likely using GCM version, you can get signal apk (non-gcm) direct from their website by scrolling into the ‘danger zone’ haha

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What do you guys think about signal?
There are rumors going around it’s funded by the cia??
If so, their code is oss. What can go wrong?

I was always a fan of Root/Matrix, because of it’s decentralized workings, oss code and strong user base aaaand bridges to other messengers. However noone I know uses it today.

My friends and family by themselves start using Signal.
So if it’s not any better than Whatsapp, why changing then?

Where do these rumors come from exactly? Do you have any source for that?

This is great, I’m actually going to use this boost of popularity to start recommending it to friends and family as well.

Signal is open source, and that’s already many times better. Especially when Whatsapp is owned by a company run with the whole purpose of selling your information. I don’t see how it is not a better alternative in terms of privacy and security. But even if I had doubts about it I would go with the one that has a better reputation.

My take on Signal is it seems to be good from an outside perspective, has endorsement from Edward Snowden if thats worth anything. I really haven’t seen anything else major reported to raise any red flags other then the main dev Moxie Marlinspike being a very difficult person if you try fork or criticize signal.

Lately I’m very interested in this new project Session Messenger as it doesnt require any identifiable info like email or phone number to sign up, e2e encrypted messaging used over a decentralized onion routing network similar to Tor.

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It’s very interesting but I’m a bit worried about Australian anti-encryption stance. There is a good answer here - question n.5

Could be why the Loki Foundation was possibly formed in the first place to maybe combat this? (Sessions messenger runs on the Loki Service Node network which is used to route and store user encrypted messages)

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