Jailbreak discovered by MACIF (French App)

Hello, I am a newbie in /e/ but old ingeneer in retirement. I have just migrate a used Google Pixel 4a 5G to /e/.
I have some trouble with few things like : how to sort app in the screen, but first how using app they find jailbreak. Can i lock with adb or fastboot the unlock position or maybe other solution. Thanks in advance for your reply. Best regards. Dom (France)

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Je réponds à une de mes demandes : j’ai installé un Launcher pour organiser mes applications.
Je vais essayer de modifier le blocage (lock) de Android pour charger des applications qui détectent le “jailbreak”


I answer myself for both questions :blush: i already install a launcher to organise my applications on the screen.

I will modifiy and test a lock to be ready to install applications they detect jailbreak.

/e/OS has not been built to allow relocking the bootloader on this device. It would be unwise to test relocking bootloader after /e/ install on your phone.

You might search relock bootloader on this forum to see fuller answers.

Je confirme : l’essai se solde par une résintallation complète des applications. Lock de la machine équivaut à format/wipe de la partition user. J’ai réussi à pas tout casser, j’ai reposer le unlock par fastboot.

I confirm its not a realy good idea … I tried to do that bullshit and the result is total lost of all applications. I will have to backup all my application.

3 hours lost work !!.
As you can said experiment give you knowledge.