Jelbi App crashing on OS 1.8.1 and 1.10

Hi all,

does this app work for other people or is it just me?


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Hi there,

I realized that the app is crashing some days ago. I didn’t use it for a while, but it was working before (do not know when). I am running /e/OS 1.10 and Jelbi 3.88.0 (3880981). Jelbi is starting, I can switch between the main menu-items (discover, tickets, profile). It is reproducably crashing in the moment I select a means of transportation on the map (e.g a bus-stop, or a share-car).

  • Clearing the app-cache didn’t solve the problem.
  • Logging off an on again didn’t solve the problem.
  • Forcing the app to stop and then restart it didn’t solve the problem.
  • Clearing the app-data and cache and forced stop didn’t solve the problem.

If there is anybody out there, who can figure out more: very welcome.

an upgrade to /e/OS 1.11 didn’t change anything

maybe it is related to (mentioning microG - last post there is three weeks old):
“[com.trafi.whitelabel.bvg] crashes on show closest bike #1906”

you’re waiting for (mid April) to be merged, it forces the value to be casted as float, thus avoiding a null

W SafeParcel: Error reading field: 12 in, skipping.
W SafeParcel: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'float java.lang.Float.floatValue()' on a null object reference

Thanks tcecyk for the information. @Manoj, is there a chance, that the upgraded version of microg with the fix applied can enter the /e/OS-builds any time soon?

even though the issue mentioned by @tcecyk is still open and seems not to be included in the actual microg-release ( included in /e/OS), aftter upgrading to /e/OS 1.12.3 the bug seems to be gone. Maybe the new Jelbi-Version 3.90.2 did the trick. However. Jelbi does not crash any longer, when selecting a transport (as of now).


Can confirm. The app is faster than ever before and not crashing anymore!

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