"Jelly" replacement - the new /e/ browser

I just upgraded to the latest /e/ build [e-0.5-o-201902163305-dev-whyred]. The new browser worked nice and smoothly. Nevertheless, I am not particular happy with the decision to go for a derivative of Chromium - although it is degoogled.
Chrome/WebKit have a absolutely dominant position in the market. Opting for a Chromium based browser means to support this development.
With Firefox and its derivatives there are quick and smooth alternatives available.
For me, it would make much more sense to integrate one of them as a standard brower.


Installed https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.gnu.icecat/ and made it default.


I like to have a version of both, when a site doesn’t work good in one, try the other: gecko (Firefox) and webkit (a degoogled version of Chromium). The disadvantage of any webkit based browser like Chromium is you have to keep manually removing the browser history. In Firefox it can be done automated just by closing the browser session. That is why I like Firefox above Chromium.

It’s also possible in this new browser. It’s in the privacy settings

Updated the ROM yesterday but didn’t boot it until today. Knew Bromite was added but didn’t know about Chromium. Is it vanilla vanilla Chromium or the Chromium that is also available via the Bromite site?

EDIT: Ah I see. It’s Bromite’s Chromium build. That’s cool.

Maybe this will be nice: Firefox Fenix.

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The icon looks suspiciously like the google icon. Not a good look for a “de-googling” project. Some people will just assume this is google chrome.



Is the Chromium logo.

@GaelDuval Bro Why Chromium? in De-Googled Project?
I Suggest (Firefox Lite) Open Source and Truly Best Browser On Low Range Device’s For Performance

F-Droid Link= https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.mozilla.rocket/
Github Repo For Firefox Lite= https://github.com/mozilla-tw/FirefoxLite

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So, the new default /e/ browser, is a fork of Chromium, fully ungoogled with Inox and so on patches to remove all calls to Google.

Actually we build from Bromite sources with a few modifications. It also includes an adblocker enabled by default.

Ain’t it cool?


Yes It’s cool but thing is like some sync feature which is missing where firefox lite which is 3mb size browser and have every feature we need … but if you can integrate sync feature which sync data with ecloud in that chromium based browser that will be nice

I like it, and use two browsers on all my devices, one Gecko based and one Webkit based, if a site doesn’t work well in one, it works in the other. So thank you for building a Chromium ‘degoogled as much as possible’ browser. Though I made Firefox Klar the default browser in /e/, I also keep using the original /e/ browser.:+1:t3:

@YeQais, a long time ago Google has disallowed the ability to sync in Chromium-based browsers except with its own Chrome. Not sure it’s possible for the /e/ team to do anything about that.
You have any examples of Chromium-based browsers that do syncing?

Microsoft Builded New Edge Browser Based on Chromium … but its sync all data like history/pass/bookmark in microsoft outlook or hotmail mail account like google sync all in gmail account

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@YeQais, thanks for that although I should’ve specified any Android Chromium-based browsers. Oops.
As mentioned, /e/'s browser is partly/mostly based on Bromite. Even if it were possible to circumvent Google’s wishes and do syncing, it wouldn’t come from that base. The Bromite dev has made it clear that features are not the goal so even if syncing were possible it wouldn’t be so on his end.

I am using the /e/browser quite a bit on my /e/ phone. But the browser is recognised as a Chrome browser. Here an example from the e-forum. For a system that calls itself Google-free that is embarassing. For V1.0 that should be rather a no go.


thats why i suggest firefox for 64bit device and firefox lite 32bit device while building rom will be nice choice

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@ralxx, exactly what is the issue? Is it just because the word Google is there? The browser is based on Bromite’s patches which includes always incognito mode. The browser gives false info in the useragent.
For instance if I use one of those “what is my browser” sites it will show Chrome 71 on a Samsung device. All false info. This device is Essential PH-1 and browser is v72. Even the browser’s About screen will show Samsung.
On my Lollipop ROM (on LG G3) using standard Android Browser (but powered by Bromite webview) shows Chrome 71 on a Motorola. Actually on v74 at the moment.

The fact that the word Google is shown means nothing and don’t see the embarrassment. I guess the devs can go through the extra task of editing some strings in the useragent? For me it looks like this…

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 7.1.2; SM-G610M) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.99 Mobile Safari/537.36

LOL, you’ll have to forgive me. I am such a dope. Since Google isn’t mentioned anywhere in the useragent, I believe it’s just an issue with the forum software seeing Chrome and automatically assuming we’re using Google’s browser.
I’ll leave the above paragraphs to show off my shame. :grimacing:

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what search engine does jelly use?
Is it available for desktop firefox?

Any search engine is available for any browser. Just find one you like and set it in your browser’s options.
What search engine any particular browser is using can be found out by just going into its settings/options.