Joan (lg v30) support dropped?

I have not had any update for joan since s19 (feb 2024).
Is the support for lg v30 already dropped?

For now the builds are failing. The build team has as yet not made any decision around the reasons for the failure. Support continues for now. Will update if we plan to drop support.

Thank you for the heads up.
Just to understand when you say the builds fail, does the fail comes from the e/OS overlay itself as I see that joan is still being updated on LineageOS and LineageOS with microG?
It would be a shame if it could not continue after just a couple of months as e/OS global privacy integration is much more comprehensive with e/OS than the other two. I already have two other devices running e/OS and it’s really a great ROM.

wenn ich das richtig verstehe gibt es Probleme mit zukünftigen / aktuellen Versionen.
Aber gab es für dieses Gerät nicht bereits offizielle e/OS Versionen zur Installation?
Wo finde ich diese zu Download? (z.B. s19)
Danke und Gruß


Is the LG V30 (joan) still in the list of supported phones ?

There has be no updates since January 2024 whereas LineageOS and LineageOS w/ MicroG are providing regular monthly updates, the latest being May 2024.


In essence yes, it has been dropped as they “fail” to do a build whereas LOS and LOS MicroG can. There’s no mention of joan anymore in e/OS releases
Personally I switched to LOS for MicroG: you get OTA on A14/LOS 21 instead of being stuck to A13/LOS 20 with e/OS which isn’t updated anymore anyway as correctly said.