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Recently installed e on an old Samsung Galaxy 5 and working well except for the jstock android app which saves and restores from google cloud and, as far as I know, cannot be changed. I am unable to get it to access the google cloud, which is probably as it should be. Any suggestions anyone? As i use it over several computers I would like a workaround.
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I did a quick check on two microG ROMs, one with Play Store, just in case.
You did not describe what happened exactly but for me the “Open From Cloud?” does nothing.
No errors, nothing that looks like it was even trying.

Glanced through some logs but did not see anything related to failing to contact a remote server. Assumed maybe it requires Google Photos to be installed but nothing related to that either.
All I get is a bunch of FileNotFoundException errors which probably makes sense given I have no existing data.

Sorry but cannot see why it is not doing anything.

Thank you for your prompt reply.
When asking to “open from cloud now” a new box should open with your cloud details and asking which cloud account. This happens on my android phone and tablet.
I am a very long time linux user and was looking for a linux distribution to test on this old phone mut none suitable at this stage.
I have degoogled my main phone as much as possible and use duckduckgo to prevent to prevent tracking as much as possible together with aurora store in annonomous mode. Also been using magic earyh for a whilr, a very good app.
Shall let you know if I can get any further eith jstock.

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