Just changed the battery on my S9 Plus

I have just changed my S9 Plus battery. Much harder than any iPhone I have worked on, so much glue.

The back didn’t come off as expected, the fingerprint sensor and camera cover remained in place, strange. I got worried at one point as the adhesive was so thick it looked like a ribbon connector!

Still, all went well and this 4 year old phone feels much snappier, I haven’t had the spinning circle since replacement.

The phone should last me another year or two before I have to scratch the upgrade itch.

I see in settings there is a way to disable fast charging, is that new? I don’t remember seeing it before. Its a bit unclear, is green fast charging and grey not fast charging?

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I also own an S9+, and the battery was also changed (2 years ago, dead, with charging connector).

Fast charging : when green, it is actvated, and when grey, it is not => longer charging time, less battery heat ; I always use this, and try not to go more than 90%, even if quite uneasy without software assistance. And the settings is not persistent to a reboot :frowning:

Do you experience the “scary” (well, I got used to) “dying screen” display when in between around 10% and 90% of the screen brightness slider (less or more, it never happens) ?
(by “dying screen” display, I mean that the screen gets suddenly much darker, nearly black on the top, better at the bottom, with fastly shivering horizontal lines … I’ve been experiencing this since about 6 months … not very good signal for durability :frowning: I had bought it refurbished on summer 2019).

No, luckily I didn’t have that problem.

I use -

From Aurora Store, kept under control by Tracker Control.

You can set max charge level and it will alert you at that level. Always works, reboot or not.

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jpmeuret, sorry I misunderstood your post. On testing I see you mean that turning off fast charging is forgotten on reboot/ on/off cycle. That’s very bad.