Just joined the /e/ ecosystem after a long time prepping to de-Google my phone

I just flashed my Sony Xperia XA2 (4133 dual-SIM) to /e/. It took a bit of doing, since the documentation is not entirely correct (partial story here), and needed some help from the SailfishOS documentation to work for me.

However, now that it’s done, I am very pleased with the result (after 3 days). I had been a BlackBerry user for 10 years before getting an Android-BlackBerry two years ago, since that seemed like the least-worst option as far as Android was concerned.

I chose the XA2 to experiment with because it was supported by LineageOS, SailfishOS, and /e/OS, so it provided some options for playing around with. Over the time I’ve been working up to flashing the phone, things have moved with /e/ and I am glad to see that it is taking off.

It runs the apps I need, which are none of the data-mining ones, so it suits me.

I’m happy to have finally made the switch to the /e/ ecosystem. Now, where can I get some nifty wallpaper, especially one with the colourful /e/ ?? :wink:


Don t know how nifty you need them to be but that is what i’m having so far just edited some other wallpapers ;D


Wonderful, Chimp. Getting the ball rolling. Nice.

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Nice effort @Chimpthepimp. Have passed on the request that we should have mor/e/ wallpapers :slight_smile:

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Love it! great idea! Well done!

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let me know what you think about this one :slight_smile:


or this one :slight_smile:

and finally the rest for todays evening :slight_smile:

Please keep in mind that i do not own the rights for these pictures, i just edited them by putting e logo or such somewhere, so pleaseuse it for personal purpose but don’t publish :slight_smile:


This one is incredible. I love it !

Great wallpapers @Chimpthepimp!!!
Please can you post them in the Gallery section as separate posts. Based on popularity we will see if we can add them to the ROM itself. Popularity will be number of likes for each wallpaper posted.

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