K20 Pro (Raphael)

K20 pro (Raphael) has an old unofficial build, but its 2 years old.
Although the ROM is really stable and gives a good battery backup as well.

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This is a request for an Android update, as our device currently have Android 13 ROMs, and some Lineage unofficial builds.
I have been using the rom and it is stable and smooth. currently there are many Android 12 lineage unofficial build for my device and maybe there could be an update for e rom as well.
Here is the link of the lineage rom - will share link
actually this rom has dynamic partition, while my device doesn’t but this rom worked on my device. I have tested it, it uses Lineage recovery and have to flash system.img via sideload. Though the roms doesn’t support Signature spoofing and hence couldn’t install microG out of the box.

Other lineage os link - will share link
this is a normal non dynamic partition rom
maybe it could be used as a base for an update.

There is a huge k20 pro community who still use different roms for Microg, there are still 10k+ active members. Most of them dont know about /e/ foundation, an updated official build could be used by many of them if its posted on the k20 pro channel.
Thank You.

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Another vote for adding raphael as an officially supported device!


Yup…another vote. Consider this device request

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…and what about “involving” XDA community too ?


Still working good ?

Another Vote from me!