KDE connect and Warpinator do not find my desktop and vice versa

Hi all, my FP4 with /e/OS (or should I write Murena?) and my computer can’t find each other, neither with KDE connect nor with Warpinator. The firewall ports are open and I’m undisguising the IP address for both apps on the phone.

I’m running ArchLinux on the desktop and /e/-OS 1.0 on the FP4.

Is there anything else which needs to be done?

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Did you also allow UDP? For some reason, when using Warpinator’s button to update firewall rules, it sets TCP, but not UDP. So you have to manually set UDP.

I also had to disable Blokada 5 in order to get it to work with my phone.

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Thanks for your hint.

I just allowed UDP for port 42001, too. 42000 was already tcp/udp. No change.

Please verify if all devices:

  • are connected to the same WiFi network
  • have the same ports set/allowed
  • are using the same Group Code
  • don’t have a VPN enabled
  • don’t have a tracker-blocker enabled
  • don’t have any other service occupying the VPN slot enabled

Warpinator works great for me.