Kernel update maintainance

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a few days ago I received my Fairphone 3 with preinstalled /e/. I’m pretty new to android, in fact this is my first smartphone after many years of dumpphone, so I think I will show up in this forum with some questions from time to time. :slight_smile:

In settings I can see the following Kernel Version is installed: “4.9.112+ #1 Thu May 14 18:25:56 UTC 2020”

I read about that Android smartphones generally don’t use mainline kernels because SoC and other hardware manufacturers don’t provide drivers upstream. Linux Kernel 4.9.112 is from Jul 2018. Current Kernel is 4.9.226. My question is: Are security patches of Kernel 4.9 backported to the kernel installed on my phone? If yes, who maintains this kernel (Qualcomm, Fairphone or /e/) and where can I find the repository or release notes?

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Hi @lando3 checking on the questions raised. Will get back ASAP


The response from the dev team …
The baseline is from Qualcomm msm8953 , Fairphone have device specific changes on top of this .
So Yes its maintained by Fairphone but they are not using latest Qualcomm tag