Keyboard- external mechanical?

Ok, this might seem backwards but I love my Ducky mechanicals. I tried simply plugging the usb-c straight into my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and my Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite tablet. Neither worked plug and play, but i’m not too surprised or disappointed as this is probably a pretty obscure thing and low on the (if any) priority list.

Has anyone found a simple way for this to work, or is it impossible? If it’s not a simple user setting, then I probably won’t bother as I lack in any programming skills. I would probably suck it up and but something with Bluetooth (which I tested and it works fine).

FYI- when I hooked up an external Bluetooth keyboard, I was able to set it to Dvorak! He he, one small win!


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Just us a Bluetooth keyboard, you can get mechanical BT keyboards.

Have you tried using an OTG adapter?
I had a USB-C data cable that I thougjht would be ideal for connecting two phones together for some adb/fastboot tasks. Didn’t work but when I used an OTG adapter all was good.

I’ve used two USB keyboards on one phone that worked fine. Even used one wireless via a dongle attached to the adapter. Also worked. Eventually I did get a BT kbd though.

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Yeah already have two wired ones, would have preferred not to have a third keyboard. Other members of the household will probably respond with “seriously?” when the third board arrives!

I’ll give it a shot, thanks.

I tried using the USB-C adapter the phone came with, but no success. Tried a plain and a backlit keyboard. I thought that adapter should do the trick. Aftermarket?

No, has to be an OTG adapter (I believe) as opposed to something that just connects one type of cable to another.

Along these lines… -