Keyboard "swype" feature: lost when I jumped from Lineage OS to /e/OS?

I used a lot this feature by sliding from one letter to another on the default AOSP keyboard on Lineage OS, but it seems I cannot find it in /e/OS.
Am I wrong?

The internet wants to tell me that for this feature to work you either had a minimum of Google Apps and services installed via Open GApps or similar packages, or you followed a guide to add the necessary Google library to your LineageOS installation. Is this the case?
Either way this would not be present in /e/OS, and I’m not aware this would be present in a bare default LineageOS.

AnySoftKeyboard (available via F-Droid) apparently supports “gesture typing”.

Ah, I see, it comes from the GApps. Yes I have tried AnySoftKeyboard, which is a quite interesting option. Unluckily, the french keyboard lacks support, it is impractical. After trying hard using AnySoftKeyboard, I am still typing too slowly, I think I will come back to the default one without this feature.

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I think it comes fro the Google keyboard (GBoard). It is possible to install that on /e/OS from Aurora Store (or possibly App Lounge)

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No, it was not the Gboard, but the AOSP default keyboard. I had certainly switched an option.

The library, known as swypelib, is a Google item. Some full microG packages will include it. The MinMicroG-Standard package has about half a dozen but I couldn’t immediately figure why.

There are ways to probably get gestures working with the default keyboard but not without some effort.

Easiest if rooted with Magisk
GitHub - NullCode1337/GlideLib: Install the libraries required for Glide Typing, systemlessly

Some old manual methods
Enable Gesture Typing/Swype on AOSP Keyboard · GitHub

P30 Lite Enable Gesture Swiping On AOSP Keyboard - Lineage OS | XDA Forums

Most detailed step by step using adb
Enabling Swype on the AOSP keyboard - Minskio

I’ve seen this library mentioned a few times,, but not sure if that’s still used.

Even if you get the lib installed there’s no guarantee it will work with a particular language or OS.

@Alexandre68 , if you are not hung up on having anything Google on your phone, maybe you should give Gboard a try. It might be your best bet.
Be sure to not give it any permissions or at least network access.

Note: I have never used gesture / glide typing before so the above is just… stuff. :upside_down_face:


I am giving a try to Gboard. You talk about not giving internet authorization, but how do you do that?

In the app page I see no authorization, but even Brave doesn’t show any internet access authorization. So I wonder if Gboard has one or not, because if it has one it looks like we don’t have the information :thinking:

I’m a long time fan of SwiftKey keyboard. Belongs to Microsoft. Since I’m rooted I’ve blocked every possible way for this app to dial home: killed internet connection via AFWall+, blocked trackers via TrackerControl, limited permissions or give fake ones with AppOps and feed it empty data via XPrivacyLua. Still, for me, way the best swipe keyboard.

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What about the rest of that AppInfo page? Isn’t there something like ‘Mobile data & Wi-Fi’ present?

Yes ! Found it, thanks.